Neymar clutches 1v4 on route to beating Gabriel Jesus in CS:GO showmatch

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  He has already shown off his impressive clutch ability on Mirage with a 1v5 ace back in February, but with more pressure on the line, Neymar dropped a 1v4 clutch in almost identical fashion.

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  After planting the bomb on the B bombsite, Neymar quickly repositioned himself into Market, showing patience to let all four players burst past him. Yet they walked right into his trap as he sprayed down two counter-terrorists who had been attempting a defuse.

  For his third kill, the forward wiped out Brazilian teammate Gabriel Jesus, and immediately tried to, once again, secure a cheeky knife kill to finish off his clutch. While he did secure a thirteenth round for his team, the forward was unable to bag the knife - instead, settling for one hit and a bomb explosion to end the round.